Kitchens and Bathrooms are the two most prominent selling features within a property as they define the buildings unique identity. With this in mind, we ensure that we are fully up to date with all the latest products and materials with both functionality and design in mind. By approaching a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers and sourcing a number of quotations we are able to provide our clients with competitive rates and a wide choice of product.

Responding to your specific aspirations and requirements, we work closely with our clients to balance originality and imagination combined with our expertise to achieve the desired design in line with the budget set.

We are able to break down our services from procurement only to a fully comprehensive procurement and project management service. This enables our client to pick and choose which services are required to take their project from an idea into an even better reality. Becoming the central point of communication, we act as the link between our clients and our suppliers.

Madison Consulting Kitchen DesignKitchen Design

Property developers are increasingly opting for their architects to establish the kitchen as the heart of the home in the trend towards flowing architecture and open plan living. The kitchen has evolved into a place to not only cook but also to socialise, entertain and relax. Crisp clean lines, sleek minimalist finishes, there are endless design options to achieve the desired aesthetic whilst ensuring practicality and functionality needs are met. The look and feel of your kitchen is largely determined by the materials used to create the space. Each component whether kitchen furniture, appliances, worktops or flooring should complement each other with either subtle or bold contrasts to create an inviting yet elegant living space. A thoughtfully designed kitchen with its individual elements create individuality that is not only visually appealing but also logical and multi-functional. Kitchen islands or open planned counters continue to be at the top of peoples wish lists and create seamless interaction with the dining and lounging area.

Madison facilitates the design, procurement and management of your kitchen project. We collaborate with key manufacturers from the UK and Europe and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Madison Consulting Bathroom DesignBathroom Design

Bathrooms should be a place of tranquillity and serenity to revive your senses in the morning and a sanctuary to retreat to at the end of a long day. Water is synonymous with wellness and has a therapeutic effect on the senses so your bathroom should not only reflect your style but your way of life also. A dream bathroom centrepiece may consist of an oval standalone bath with a striking floor mounted bath filler or perhaps a luxury walk in shower with pre-programmed spa scenarios. Opulent marble brings timeless luxury to the bathroom whilst clever use of tiling brings a whole new dimension to bathroom design. Vanity units provide adequate storage for a minimalist, uncluttered bathroom and for those short on space, a bespoke wall hung vanity unit provides the perfect solution. Fixtures and fittings are often the part that reflect the personality and style of the individual, some opting for sharp clean lines, others preferring a cylindrical structure. With products on offer that combine both, the design possibilities are endless.

Let Madison assist you with your bathroom concept. Allow us to procure the many different elements that make up the bathroom suite whilst offering the advantages of one point of contact throughout the project.

Madison Consulting Bedroom DesignBedroom Design

The bedroom is our own private sanctuary and where we spend up to a third of our lives so whether classic, contemporary or minimalist, the design should incorporate clean lines, warm materials and rich textures. Amplify light and space by using big, beautiful, well positioned mirrors whilst soothing colours and ambient lighting complete a sophisticated, yet sensual retreat. A beautiful walk in wardrobe is something we all aspire to and can be designed in a variety of layouts to create a lavish yet perfect storage solution for a minimalist bedroom. With a wide range of different finishes available including warm wood veneers, contemporary hi-gloss lacquer or light reflective glass, you can create a customised functional space. A truly luxurious accompaniment to any master bedroom suite.

The addition of wardrobes can set you apart from your competitors and ensures the interior design of your development offers added value for your potential clients. Madison can advise on design focused yet cost effective solutions for the bedroom suite.

Madison Consulting Tile DesignTile Design

Marble, ceramic, porcelain or stone, tiles create interiors with unique personalities and come in an exquisite range of colours, patterns and textures. Tiles offer significant creative scope in the design of your bathroom and are one of the most important aspects when designing this space. Create a serene look by using a neutral colour palette that creates a soft backdrop against white sanitaryware or add depth and character by mixing finishes and textures that define each zone within the bathroom. If a natural look is desired in the bathroom then the warmth and charm of wood in the form of a ceramic tiles have several advantages over traditional wood flooring and work harmoniously with wall tiles and feature detailing. Large format porcelain tiles balance style and function and are the perfect material choice when selecting flooring for an open planned living area, kitchen or entrance hall and when installed over under floor heating, they retain heat well ensuring a warm and inviting environment. Glass mosaic tiles inject character into a minimalist kitchen space and are a beautiful alternative to a glass splash back.

Madison can assist you with your kitchen, bathroom and floor tiling requirements. We keep up to date with current market trends and have an extensive network of suppliers offering a wide variety of product.

Madison Consulting Lighting DesignLighting Design

The major role of lighting in an interior setting is functionality. The illusion of space is defined by light reflecting off the surface of walls so placement and style are important aspects to consider against room colour, size and availability of natural light. The elements that come together when the right lighting is achieved transform a room into a seamless combination of functionality and style. Pendant lighting creates a statement in any room and can be designed in a variety of layouts to create a unique and sophisticated centrepiece. The unwritten rule of interior design aesthetics suggests that clusters of three draw the eye so much more so than when arranged in even numbers of two or four and this is the perfect solution to lighting over a kitchen island or dining room table. A cluster of individual pendants of different shapes and sizes at varying heights adds a dramatic focal point to any room.

Lighting is an integral part of your kitchen and bathroom project. Madison consults and coordinates with specialist companies in assisting you with the sourcing and selection of your lighting products.