Italian Design by Gessi

From Italy’s design heart – Milan, Gessi represent the panache and elegance of Italian architecture and fashion. Gessi has been designing and manufacturing exclusive bathroom and kitchen fittings for over 20 years. Today, the Gessi brand is acknowledged worldwide for its fashionable bathroom designs in all types of living environments, including hotels, spas, yachts and private residences.

In the spirit of innovation, and to challenge the conventions, Gessi began with a revolutionary idea: to transform a traditional product such as the common faucet into a designer object with sophisticated functions and forms. The Gessi designer faucets are décor objects with a personality of their own. Objects that make a significant contribution to any environment in terms of image and style.

From the outset, Gessi has been committed to providing a harmonic coordination of style within the bathroom and the kitchen environments. Whether the shapes of the objects and accessories that adorn these environments are square, oval or round, they harmonize to give character and personality to the kitchen and bathroom. For this reason, the bathroom faucets are offered in structured collections whose designs extend to the sink and other fittings.

Gessi’s kitchen faucets followed a similar evolution, borrowing refined design and creative installation solutions, such as the floor and wall-mounted configurations, from their bathroom counterparts. For the kitchen, Gessi has developed a range of mixer handles with exclusive in-house designs, elegantly coordinated with the profiles of the faucets, dispensers and accessories.

With these innovations, Gessi has creatively revolutionized the traditional view of purely utilitarian environments, transforming them into a space to be reinvented and customized.

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