Bespoke Wardrobes by Lema

Lema are one of Italy’s top brands, specialising in high end systems furniture with a design that has serious attention to detail. Lema caters to, and often anticipates, international tastes and trends with its expansive portfolio of custom-made solutions always with the possibility to modify the products in terms of aesthetics, size and materials, to satisfy any customer need.

Modularity and customisation are the key words of Lema’s made-to-measure wardrobes, that offer utmost freedom in terms of design and personalisation. Lema wardrobes combine great attention to detail in their design and aesthetics in search of utmost functionality, for a person-oriented home.

Focused on flexibility, firstly in terms of sizes, but also in terms of models, materials, components and finishes, their designs develop around basic modules that can be adapted in height, width and depth consisting of structures and panels that can be hinged, folding, sliding or aligned to create a fabulous space dedicated to each individual.

There are numerous finishes available with more than 40 glossy and matt lacquered colours, thermally-treated oak, carbon oak and tobacco oak as well as glass, mirror and leather. The selection of interior equipment is also assorted, that ranges from drawer units to shoe racks to beautiful integrated lighting and luminous side strips. So, with no design restrictions, a Lema product turns into endless closets, each with a different taste and personal elegance.

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